Map. History of Cyberwar conflict

21 September 2017
Tripura: Internet data services suspended in Agartala following kiling of a journalist covering a clash between between IPFT and TUGMP in Mandwai
May: "we need to go further and faster to reduce the time it takes to remove terrorist content online" #UNGA
SaudiArabia to lift ban on internet call services
SBU exposed ISPs on illegal rerouting traffic to area under DNR/LNR groups control
Equifax says 100,000 Canadian consumers affected by cyber security hack
Wikileaks releases documents it claims detail Russia mass surveillance apparatus
"We need to be as serious about security online as we are about security offline" - @JKingEU, announcing new EU cyber strategy
Russia seeks extradition of Russian citizen arrested in Greece and wanted by US in major cyber crime fraud case.
Hackers hid a backdoor in CCleaner, a security app with 2 billion downloads
CCCleaner server is compromised and send modified installer that contain malware
Telecom provider for Åland (Ålcom) has been experiencing DDoS attacks origating from Russia and China since yesterday.
Propublica: Facebook enabled advertisers to reach “Jew haters”
New sanctions vs 11 entities/individuals for "support of designated Iranian actors or malicious cyber-enabled activity" per @USTreasury
Bitcoin down 7.4 percent at a five-week low, as BTC China says to stop trading
China Bitcoin Exchange Ban 'Certain'; BTCC to Suspend Trading; Shanghai Issues Verbal Shutdown Order: Rep
Traditional problems in @CENTCOM AOR “exacerbated by several challenges in the cyber domain" warns Gen Votel
“The threat is real and active….” in cyber says @CENTCOM Cmdr Gen Joseph Votel
UCA group has passed to @InformNapalm the personnel roster and unit strength info of 3rd sep.m.-rifl.brig. of Donetsk occ.forces. 799 persons
"DHS’s decision to issue this directive, in a very public way, is significant"- @HomelandDems @BennieGThompson re Kaspersky ban
@DHSgov “This is a risk based decision we need to make” says White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Robert Joyce re Kaspersky ban
The judge ordered to close the website of the Catalonia referendum
DHS directs all federal agencies to discontinue use of software made by Russian company targeted in FBI counterintelligence probe.
National Guard came to company from Malgrat de Mar to close the Catalonia referendum website
[email protected] "concerned about the ties between certain Kaspersky officials and Russian intelligence" per statement
Decision to have government agencies remove Kaspersky "based on the information security risks on federal information systems" per @DHSgov
DHS just banned on @kaspersky products in federal agencies
“Doesn’t take much effort to imagine the consequences of an attack that knocks out power in Boston in February Phoenix in July"-Coats
"Our adversaries are becoming more assertive, more capable and more adept at using cyberspace to threaten our interests.” per DNI Coats
DNI Coats - 4 key cyber concerns: 1-attacks targeting critical infrastructure 2-infiltration/spying 3-falsifying data 4 - “Adversaries use the internet as an echo chamber…seek to undermine our faith in our institutions or advance violence" warns DNI Coats
“Cyber threats have risen to almost the top…our adversaries are becoming more assertive, more capable” per @ODNIgov's Coats