Map. History of Cyberwar conflict

19 October 2017
Mueller interviewed cybersecurity expert who claimed he was recruited to collude with Russia: report
More than 1,000 fake Twitter accounts originating from Russia started following Roy Moore this weekend.
"The whole Russia thing was an excuse for the Democrats losing the election," Trump says. "There has been absolutely no collusion."
North Korea may have "one of the most successful cyber programs on the planet," says ex-deputy director of NSA.
Iran blamed for Parliament cyber-attack
Poland says it's repelled a 3rd Russian hacking attack
Ex-employee of Russian agency on Internet influence "our goal in U.S. was to make US citizens hate own government"
ISIS attacks Iraqi PMU (Hashd) official internet site and tries to gain control of it.
Website targeting black Americans appears to be elaborate Russian propaganda effort
Twitter has turned over profile names, or 'handles,' of 201 Russia-linked accounts to Senate investigators, @AP source says.
All top dark web markets offline, according to tracker
CNN: Russian-linked meddling effort extended to YouTube, Tumblr and even Pokémon Go
Kaspersky and INTERPOL sign a new threat intelligence sharing agreement
[email protected]_ of @AccentureFed: By any measure, things are getting worse in cybersecurity despite new tech and investment
Ukraine conflict is an example of how the US is underusing its huge cyber warfare capabilities, says @HurdOnTheHill at #AtlanticCyber
Security service of Ukraine warns about possible new cyber attack on Ukrainian state and private companies
The price of bitcoin tops USD 5000 for the first time ever
'Highly active' Hamas-linked hackers found spying on Palestinian political group
WSJ: Moscow turned Kaspersky antivirus software into a global spy tool, using it to scan computers for secret U.S. data
[email protected] and @instagram are experiencing access and posting issues right now.
North Korea hacked war plans by exploiting machine “accidentally” plugged into the net
North Korea hacked Seoul’s war plan – report
Rosenstein: 7500 smartphones relevant to a criminal investigation seized by FBI inaccessible due to device encryption over the past year.
"Ban Russian bots" projecting on Twitter HQ
Israel reportedly caught Russia hacking Kaspersky before tipping U.S. off
The Civil Guard after the declaration of the Parliament banned National Assembly website
Via @Wikipedia Catalonia is the shortest independent state in the world
Dow Jones news wire apologizes after sending out a fake story that said Google would buy Apple; company blames "technical error"
U.K. looking at regulating Facebook and Google as news publishers
The Civil Guard blocks the WhatsApp from which ANC and Òmnium mobilized their supporters